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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fence Building at ECHO

I signed up for a work service program with Road Scholar to assist at the global farm of ECHO , (North Fort Myers, Florida) wherever they needed some help. I thought my efforts would be spent doing gardening work but that was not the case. One of the main areas they needed help with was renovating a bamboo fence that was a bit worn and rickety.

So, the first step is to get some bamboo. There was plenty of that growing in designated areas around the farm, all we needed to do was pull it out. Fortunately, we had at our disposal a John Deere 4-wheeler and a chain..which made the effort a lot easier.
Here one of our Road Scholar hosts, Junior, is removing a live bamboo plant for us to strip and prepare for making into a fence slat.

It is a bit difficult to pull one plant out of a cluster...the branches become entwined and pulling is challenging. The real fun begins when we have to remove the little branches growing along the bamboo pole; this stuff is way harder than I ever imagined. We used machetes and sometimes handsaws; the work was slow and tedious but we finally got about a hundred cleaned bamboo poles for repairing the fences around the property.

The next step is to cut them into proper lengths and deliver them to the fence repair sites. Several of us were working at each site. We had to remove the top hand-rail on the fence and re-align it so it was plumb and vertical, after that we added the newly cut bamboo to the areas that either had none or replacing those that had disintegrated.

Fortunately, we had power drills which made the job go a lot faster than if we had to do the work using an old fashioned screw-driver.

Here is the finished product...much better than that rickety old fence and chicken wire; the ducks will not escape anymore!

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