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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arkansas Snowstorm Clean-up

I started my trip on Friday, a day and a half after the two foot snowstorm that plastered Northwest Arkansas. Surprisingly, the North/South interstate was pretty clear but I found some nasty stuff as I approached Little Rock. Although none of my shots actually show the ice packed road, you can see the aftermath. It is not a pretty sight to see semi's ditched or turned over.

This first shot is of a pick-up truck with a trailer that jack-knifed. Now that the road is "clear" they can remove these vehicles. Each one of these cost me half an hour. It made my first day 12 hours instead of 8. But I did get out of the snowy areas eventually.

This fellow apparently just slid off into the median...but once there...well, he's there for a while.

This fellow not only slid into the median but also overturned. His cargo is spilled over the median and part of the highway. they were manually unloading and stacking the cargo in the road...presumably so it could be reloaded to another truck. This was my longest delay

This accident occurred in Tennessee. Most probably it included a fatality. When I passed by I could see this was almost a total demolition of at least one vehicle. That is a medivac copter sitting on the road opposite my traffic jam.
It was very sad to see all of this destruction and suffering on my first day, but it ensured my taking special driving care throughout my trip.

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