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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We've Only Just Begun...

That's the song that kept going through my mind when I opened the garage door this
morning at 6:30 to see just how much snow had already come down. They get all excited here in Arkansas when we get a couple of flakes. So my first reaction was sort of usual, for here...

I mean I had to grab something so you could get an idea of just what I was seeing... I found an old snow brush, we all know how big they are!

I mean, so really....NOT MUCH!

But then, I got my snow stick (I got this from Lowes just a couple of weeks ago...I saw the yardstick and couldn't help springing for $0.60 just so I could reminisce)
I stuck it in a wide open (already cleared from the last snow) part of my driveway.

Stay tuned. they promise this will keep up until at least noon, it is now 7:45. I hope I can still find my snow stick by then!

Well, here we are at 10:00
I decided that the birds needed food too...but where did all these cow birds come from?

Lots and lots of goldfinches...
and finally, my favorite meadowlark showed up...
I started a loaf of bread very early this morning...I have some grilled veggies
that I froze back in July. Keep going to see the sandwich.
It was delicious!
Here is a shot from the end of my driveway and up the street

and down the other end of the street

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

I'm chilled just seeing these photos.