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Friday, March 11, 2011

Old Friend Reunion

The best part of the trip was finally getting together with my friend; who I hadn't seen since 1960. It was pretty amazing that we found each other after all these years. But we did and we had a couple of real nice days in Florida. We romped around Cedar Key for a while, just relaxin' and taking in some needed sunshine.

Nobody can visit Cedar Key without getting a picture with their head in the sharks mouth!

Here we are at the Cedar Key Museum, my friend was very interested in all the history...

and we couldn't leave out the clam farming. Why Cedar Key has the largest clam farms in the country!
The guard pelicans are on duty at the fishing pier.

And then we made a day of it at Epcot...
Lady and the Tramp topiary providing the background
At the Mexican Pavilion
We were just starting the Clamobile on the underseas quest to find Nemo...
Daisy Duck doing the watering
Heading up into spaceship Earth
Getting on the tram at the beginning of our whirlwind day at Epcot!
We saw:
Spaceship Earth
Ellen's Energy Adventure
The Sea with Nemo and Friends
Living with the Land
The Circle of Life
The American Adventure

It was a pretty full day!

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Nancy and Vijay said...

Hi Ellen, It's so nice that you could get together with your friend again. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Thank you for posting more about the ECHO program. It explained a lot. It seems like a very good program to be involved with. Have a wonderful weekend. :)