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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Whirlwind Accident

Last week I was working on a Habitat for Humanity project in Lafayette, Louisiana. There were several houses in various degrees of construction. The one I was working on was fully framed and needed a sub-floor in the attic to receive the heating apparatus.

Sadly, I was only up there for a couple of hours before this weird accident occurred. A fellow worker seemed to be in a precarious situation and hanging on for dear life, I scrambled to lend a hand and misplaced my foot and ended up falling through to the cement floor below. I performed that little act of gracefulness in the closet...which is probably good, since I hit my head on the 2 x 4 wood plate instead of the concrete...which means I am still here!

I never lost consciousness and had a couple of minutes before the EMT came. It felt a lot worse than it looked

The Habitat for Humanity Services Director was on spot before you could count to three.

Later on in the emergency room, my really cute male nurse put this yellow band on my wrist...
Ya' think?
Days later, after being admitted, it was St Patties Day and the folks on my floor know how to celebrate.

The care and attention I received was extraordinary. After many many x-rays, a cat scan and an MRI they only found a compression fracture at the T9 vertebra; they did a cytoplasty injection surgery and released me the same day.

The bruising and muscle soreness continue to be a problem for me, but each day seems a little better. I am not complaining...

The accident happened exactly nine days ago and I am walking, talking and driving short distances. Yes there is pain and discomfort but when I think that I could be dead or severely crippled, well, no I am doing just fine thank you very much!


Linda Myers said...

I remember the initial report included two pelvic fractures - later amended to just the back thing.

Very glad to hear you're out and about. You must be supposed to do more good things with your life.

Chuck said...

M&M says, "One down and eight lives to go! Enjoy the remaining ones!"

Anonymous said...

You are supposed to stick your arms out and start flapping! I am glad you are doing well. Let's not try that again. Okay?

Barb said...

Take time to heal. Glad you had good care and lived to tell the tale!

Kosher Computing said...

I hope you're well on the mend. Next time you need to come to Louisiana, please check out New Orleans first. We have good EMTs too. Take care and get well.

Rhonda said...

How scary! Glad you are on the mend. You be careful out there.
-Rhonda Bramell