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Friday, March 18, 2011

What a Bummer...

You will all be thankful that I post no photos for this post.

The trip that I have been looking forward to for months finally happened! I am here in Lafayette, Louisiana and was working on a Habitat for Humanity program; I say was, because I got into a nasty accident and ended up in the hospital. The accident happened on Monday and after two days, I had surgery and was released last night.

So I missed most of the project, which looked like a REALLY GOOD one, and am unable to continue on for another week in New Orleans, as I had planned. That really bums me out, but I accept what is and will try to continue on gracefully.

The travel assist company is arranging to fly me home (I hope tomorrow) and also have my car along with bike returned to me, don't know if they are driving it or shipping it.
Since I can hardly move, this is a very good thing.

I cannot offer up enough praises for the Road Scholar folks, they have taken very good care of me and have attended to my every need...and here I thought I was "easy", anyway, they made a difficult thing easier to bear.

To all my blogging buddies, your prayers of support and healing are appreciated now!
...and take my word for it...you do NOT want to see the pictures!


Anonymous said...

oh Ellen, that is horrible! I'm glad that you are well enough to write about it though. Please take care and rest.

Kosher Computing said...

I remember you were going to come down here and suffered that mishap. I hope you're in the pink now. Would still love to say hello.