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Friday, March 11, 2011

Ringling Ca' d'Zan -- Summer Estate

While in Sarasota, I spent a day at the Ringling Estate, Museum of Art, Circus Museum and the grounds and gardens. It is all located on one large property and is difficult to see it all in a day. I can say that I gave it a good scan, but I am sure that I missed a lot. A second visit would certainly not be wasted.

My first building was the Ca'd'Zan (the house of John)...the house where John and Mabel entertained lavishly. It was very elegant and lived in at the same time. It was obvious that they spared no expense and it had all the latest comforts of the thirties. I was most taken with the doors and windows though. They were unusual and highly decorated.

This one is silver embossed with a velvet background

The door in the upper right is gold gilt and quite ornate

This is a view from the back of the house overlooking Sarasota bay. Those rich people...they sure know how to live.

Another interesting door, all wood with very nice workmanship
Check out these windows. They seem to be standard rectangular shaped windows with a false front on them to appear Turkish.

This was all individually hand blown glass from Italy; notice the different colors of each pane.

This is the entrance to the Circus Museum and Store

The master of ceremonies and a man on very long stilts. Notice the mechanical bicycle riding the tightrope between the walls...

There were literally thousands of miniature circus animals/wagons/ performers on display in the museum. I thought this one was special; elephants wearing sea horse costumes pulling a very ornate float of mermaids and Poseidon, God of the Sea. All items are hand carved and painted. It was amazing.

Here is another interesting carriage being pulled along by ostriches

I am not sure what this is supposed to be, but it caught my eye and has made it into my blog. So I guess it was successful.

I was on my way over to the art museum and I had to cross a small body of water by walking over a bridge. While there I saw an anhinga (snake bird) swimming after a small fish. So this is my Monet photo shot.

Here's another...

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