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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lido Mangrove Tunnels Sarasota Florida

I signed up for an afternoon of kayaking through the mangroves just at the mouth of the Myakka River in Sarasota Florida, with Almost Heaven Kayaking...since I had a couple of days to fill before I went up to Cedar Key.

Here is a shot of an interesting approach through the tunnels...I looks like one cannot get through that tiny opening, but truth be told, if you go in on an angle from right to left, it is not a problem at all. Since I was first in the group, I scooted right through, I heard moments later though that others had a bit of difficulty.

There were Lightening Welks galore in the bay. you could actually just reach down in the water and pick them up. This particular one weighed around 4 to 5 pounds. I thought that was amazing. Yes, they are very much alive!

Here are other smaller welks that we looked at just after getting out of the mangrove tunnel.

This cute little guy is a tree crab. When we were in the tunnel the leader was pointing them out and could not see any. Then all of a sudden I saw one, then two then lots and lots. They are very fast.

Finally, we were in one of the many bay areas and right there among high rises in a little treed area next to a highway (of all things) was this osprey with a huge fish that he caught and was about to eat. Double click to see more!

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