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Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's Okra?

Well that is the question that Chuck asked me over dinner this evening. When he asked I immediately had visions of the seedy and slimy center of the two inch vegetable that is so popular in Louisiana gumbo dishes. But rather than saying anything about that; I just said is was a vegetable. He said he KNEW that. Good enough.

But could I really tell him what he ordered to have with his dinner? No, I couldn't. He has already made it clear that he hates tomatoes. They have that gooey stuff and all those seeds.

No, he can't eat tomatoes.

He said he also cannot eat cucumbers for the same reason.

So when they delivered the fried okra, I said nothing.

To say I was shocked when he said the okra was good, would be an understatement. I just keep learning about his tastes.

Oh, by the way...I DO NOT eat okra!


Goldenrod said...

Okra is commonly used in seafood dishes and soups in the south. I think Chuck's not knowing that okra has a bunch of seeds is just hilarious! We just won't tell him, ok? :)

Scott said...

Maybe you can get him to eat tomatos and cucumbers if you disguise it as okra...