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Monday, February 8, 2010

Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

No trip to Costa Rica would be complete without a visit to Arenal Volcano. So I made sure we included it in this whirlwind trip around Costa Rica. There is something magnificent about the view and the area that would be a sin to miss.

We arrived in the late afternoon and were scheduled for a visit to Tabacon Hot Springs. Now this is a place that you should really reserve the better part of a day for, since it is so beautiful with so many different hot springs that one can dip into and relax. The surrounding gardens are a treat for the eye and if you want a massage or mud pack treatment, that can be provided. They have a huge pool with a sit down bar. You never have to leave the healing waters for refreshment!
We arrived late so I was unable to get any decent pictures but suffice to say, this is a place that is well worth the trip.

We stayed at the Hotel Paraiso which is only moments from the hot springs and affords every room a magnificent view of the volcano...if you have a clear day!

At the Tabacon Hot Springs we also had a buffet dinner below you see an interesting arrangement of the dessert assortment one could pick from...or you could have all of them, no one is stopping you!

The salad bar wrapped around the area where you could make your selection from the many entrees available

You can choose from already prepared chicken, fish, beef or pork entrees or you can have your personal chef concoct your very own pasta creation. Here you can see the chef preparing two at the same time!

At last, our view of the volcano from our room...just a little cloud cover at the top!


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Boomka said...

HA! I have to laugh because you put pictures of the desserts before the dinner. Though that makes the sense. I would have done the same. It looks fabulous. And you know I wish I could trade places right now. For sure.