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Saturday, February 20, 2010

La Paz Waterfalls Gardens, Costa Rica

Our last day in Costa Rica was spent on a tour to a coffee plantation, the Poas volcano and the La Paz Waterfalls Gardens this was, by far, one of the top three things we saw/did on our visit. The area was full of lush gardens and of course the waterfalls, but what I enjoyed the most, was the hummingbirds and the frogs.
I guess I should confess, right here and now, that I was a bit disappointed on my two previous trips to Costa Rica. I never saw the frogs. They way they advertise them, you'd think you would be tripping over them! I mean really...in the advertisements they seem to be everywhere. That is not true. They are deep in the jungles and are pretty much visible only during the rainy season (not a time that I would like to visit) So I sort of reconciled myself to the fact that I would probably never see a live one. That is until today at La Paz...

I saw these green guys in a special jungle room of the very well laid out jungles and displays

You must know that I was incredibly disappointed to see that the only frogs there were these pale green ones. They look like blobs of green...well, ok, I won't go any further on that one! But I think you get my drift.

They looked like green blobs, until they decided to get up and move. Then they morphed into the beautiful multi-colored frogs that I have been looking for, for years. Oh...seeing one live and moving just inches away is too fabulous to describe! Take a look at these pics and see if you don't agree..
This little guy was really scared and was clinging to this fellow tourists finger for dear life. I guess I was too close to get a really crisp photo, but you can begin to see the beauty on this little fellow.

He managed to escape to a nearby wall and was heading for a big green leaf where he could become invisible again.

Thanks, little one...I really enjoyed spending some time with you!

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