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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot Dogs in Santa Elena, Costa Rica

This may sound a bit odd, but we found this terrific hot dog stand in Santa Elena. We were really pressed for time between tours. The morning we were Zip lining in Monteverde and the afternoon we were scheduled to go on a horseback riding tour. We asked the tour bus to drop us off in town so we might find a quick bite to hold us over to dinner time. We got way more than we asked for and I mean that in a good way!

Look here, the menu is pasted to the counter top of the street-side store. It was really just a very small opening in the wall with a little counter space. The hot dogs were made in Costa Rica and were a blend of delicious meat and none of the fillers and chemicals that I have become accustomed to here in the states.

The dog itself was very tasty, but when all the additional items were added all I can say is that it was really the best hot dog I EVER had (and that means BETTER than my favorite hot Texas wieners!!)

One of the things that make these dogs so good is that there are some very unusual items added to them. Look at the menu above and you will get the idea. Again, sometime words just cannot describe the moment when it comes to food.

She has a nice little paper form that holds the bun and dog; then she just sprinkles the goodies on top. The dogs are heated in the microwave so no grease, no over-boiling, just good 'n hot meat!
Here is the finished product. Yes, those are crumbled potato chips on top of other items. Believe me, this was fabulous! As you may be able to determine by the enthusiastic bite that Chuck is having on his dog!

Heaven....pure heaven!

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