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Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Day in Costa Rica

We arrived at San Jose Airport on Saturday, January 23rd and headed to our in-town hotel and dinner. We found a nice little open air place, Beso, on the corner down the street from our hotel and was quite happy with the food

I ordered the stuffed sea bass. I thought it was cool how they stacked my french fries and did a little op-art with the sauce on my dish. The food was great.

Chuck ordered the salmon and it was very tasty as well. Actually, we both agreed that when we stay here again the night before we leave we would order the opposite dishes. Sadly, we had such a large lunch that day we had no space for dinner before our return to the States.
I love it when the staff get creative with ordinary things...here they have folded the toilet paper into a work of art!

This was our room in San Jose...very roomy and clean.

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