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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, Key Largo, Florida

We enjoyed a special bonus during our Exploritas program; a visit to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center. It's one of he things I most enjoy about these programs; you think the schedule and activities they provide are more than plenty and there always is at least one additional surprise item that really makes the program so special.

Take a look here at some of the shots I got of these characters...don't think for a minute that I am a great photographer...they were all posing patiently for me. It was practically impossible to get a bad shot.

The organization is a grass roots run bird sanctuary supported by private donations and a lot of sweat equity of the locals. I for one am very grateful for their efforts. Send a few dollars if you are so inclined. Here is their official link.
(Double click any photo to enlarge and really enjoy.)

This Great White Egret was posing perfectly for me. I love the wispy feathers.

How could you say no to this guy? He came close so I could give him a "noggin-rub"...amazing!

Do you think this Cockatoo is showing off just a little?

Here he is in a bit more dignified position.


Boomka said...

I gotta be honest. If I looked like that cockatoo, I'd probably show off too. "HEY CHECK OUT MY SWEET WINGS!" Yep, I would do that all day long!

Goldenrod said...

That first photo is GORgeous, Whale, just gorgeous!