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Monday, February 8, 2010

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

After our wonderful white water rafting experience we were taken to the Caribbean coastal town of Puerto Viejo where we stayed for two days. Our purpose there was snorkeling the coral reef and hiking the Cahuita National Forest. That was all well and good but the things I enjoyed most were the colorful buildings and the beaches splattered with fishing boats. The area is definitely casual and people go about their lives with the least amount of energy that gets them a life style that works for them. It is a study in less is more and now is all. Maybe the pictures will show what I seem to be unable to explain...

Like right here, a fellow is carrying a swath of thatch roofing...obviously there is a hut somewhere nearby that has developed a leak. See how they attach the fronds so they are tight and all facing in one direction so the rain water easily slides off. So cool!

Just another splattering of fishing boats on the beach

Here is a tipical Costa Rican breakfast: toast, pinto gallo, eggs and a fried plantain followed with lots of coffee and at least three perfectly ripened fruits

This is the sign that points you to the bakery/breakfast place...anyone who stayed in the town for more than a day found this place and then would go nowhere else for breakfast!

This was our breakfast place before we found PanPay! It was fabulous too!

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