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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine

Our visit to Acadia National Park would not be complete without a visit to the Jordan Pond House. It is an unassuming restaurant hidden out in the open, right in the center of Bubble Pond and the Wildwood stables and is always a buzz of activity. We had already ridden 12 plus miles on the carriage roads along Bubble Pond and then over to and around Day Mountain, so we were ready for a little refreshment. They have a gift shop that meanders into the restaurant area; the day we went, we found a side section that was still in the building but gave you the feeling of being outside without the bugs, heat etc.

It was pretty nice! Since we were not quite ready for a big meal, and what they were offering seemed a bit pricey, we decided to try the fish chowder (which came with two of their famous popovers) and a dessert consisting of a warm crispy popover stuffed with the richest ice cream imaginable then drizzled with a hot ganache chocolate sauce. Gee, I guess I have understated the fish chowder...it nothing short of divine! The bowl was huge and the chowder creamy which large chunks of haddock, perfectly cooked potatoes and a marvelous blend of spices.

The hardest decision was trying to figure if we should eat dessert first or the popovers with jelly or the chowder…

Chuck dug into the chowder, so I grabbed a popover and smeared it with jelly and was in heaven after one bite. The freshly brewed coffee just complimented it so well. I thought I would just take a taste of the ice cream popover until the chowder was available, but after one bite, I was not so anxious to share anymore! The crunchy popover and the sauce combined with the ice cream were turning me into a person with selfish tendencies that I never knew existed! I did share though and Chuck was obviously struggling with the same thoughts! Here are some shots of the food. Enjoy!

I don't know why they had to stab it with a huge steak knife...I don't think it was going to try and escape or anything like that! I discovered if you hold the knife rather loosely and use very little pressure, you can keep the pretty presentation throughout most of eating it.

Oh, I have to clear up the pricey thing. Everything was so over the top delicious, it was really a bargain! Go there, order with wild abandon, do not be afraid…enjoy!

Actually, even if you ARE NOT into hiking, biking or any of that outdoorsy stuff...go there for the food. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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