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Saturday, September 12, 2009

King Arthur Flour Company, Norwich, Vermont

Another special treat for me was a visit to the King Arthur Bakers Store located in Norwich, Vermont. It was certainly a treat for the senses and the imagination. Spending time in a baking and cooking utensils store is a trip for the imagination very much like a gardener may experience with the seed catalogues that fill January mailboxes.

So you walk down the aisles see a baking pan and the mind instantly fills it with layer cake, cinnamon coffee cake or some other delicious tidbit. Wander among the extracts and you see yourself in a sea of cookies. Is your imagination asleep today; go to the cookbook section and the brainbuds instantly come alive and your hands are feeling for the tie-strings of your apron.

They smartly arranged the store in a circular fashion, so you find yourself going through at least twice...whatever you managed to say no to the first time around finds its' way into your cart on the second. You just can't help yourself. When you are all done you find yourself praying for rain or some dismal weather that will justify a day in the kitchen. Anything to get the ingredients working together...

Sourdough bread starter...oh I can just smell the bread baking now...
Extracts, nuts, and pastes are set up right next to various chocolates. I can smell the cookies already!
Gadgets, spoons, boards and bowls; can a kitchen EVER be too big?
I am on the road after all, I have to settle for something already baked.
That little white pastry on the bottom shelf, forth from the left was a delicious almond paste filled piece of heaven!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit to our King Arthur Flour Store. You took some great pictures! Joan@bakershotline