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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

AMC, Acadia Park Triathalon

We got to spend Friday at the AMC camp and partake of the activities that were being sponsored. After spending a quality time on Echo Lake kayaking and mentally communicating with some loons in the center of the lake,I got back just in time to witness the annual anna-banana triathalon.

This particular activity involved a person grabbing a banana and fast walking (nto running) it to a waiting canoe team (the canoe is filled 3/4ers with water), handing it off to the canoe team, they begin to hand paddle the swamped canoe to floating swimming deck some 50 away and place the banana on the deck. another team member standing on an opposite shore must swim to the deck and back to the shore, hand the banana to the final team member who walks the banana up to the judging area, sits, eats the entire banana and presents an empty mouth. There were three teams in this competition. Surprisingly, the final times were within 30 seconds of each other.

Here is a picture of the award that goes to the winning team.

Well, when you really take a good look at it; it is clear why s many people will struggle to become the winner in this contest!

They do not get to keep it though. they only hold it for a few moments and then it gets replaced on the fireplace mantle till next year when new teams will vie for it!

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