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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ben 'n Jerrys, Stowe, Vermont

We couldn't go to New England and not see the Ben 'n Jerry's manufacturing plant. We took the tour, but sadly they were not making ice cream at this location that day. They showed a film giving the brief background of the founders and their subsequent success, they showed us the plant area and then they took us into the Flav-o Room where BnJ actually developed some of their successful flavors. They gave us samples of the days current NEW flavor: Orange and Creme. It was orange sorbet and vanilla ice cream, tasty...but not one of my personal favorites.
Here is a shot of the cowmobile...it travelled across the country providing free samples of Ben n Jerrys ice cream during the early days
The tour group trying the sample of the day Orange and Creme

We couldn't resist a picture of us in the Ben and Jerry cutouts...

We then moved on to the flavor graveyard; a place that retired flavors have gone in memoriam.

Each retired flavor had its own memorial tombstone...cute.

Afterwards we went to the scoop shop and had some more heaven. I had a new flavor called macadamia madness, it truly was!

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