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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday River Brewing Company, Bethel, Maine

We made our way through Maine toward New Hampshire and found an interesting looking place for a quick bite to eat, the Sunday River Brewing Company

This is the sort of place that appeals to sports enthusiasts, pool players and beer drinkers. They brew several of their own and sell many others. We were more interested in food.

Chuck had the french onion soup and a Phillie steak sandwich; I opted for the meat ancho chili. They were all delicious!

This is the first chili I have ever had that had only a few beans on top...the rest was all meat.

It's been a while since Chuck had any beef..so I was not surprised when he ordered this.

This french onion soup was very good...I was sorry that I didn't order some for myself. But you can only eat so much!

After we finished the meal, we were backing out of the parking space and an eagle flew over head from one side of the road to the other. Man, that was sure nice to see.

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