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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Something New at Olive Garden

You know how those really great experiences you had lots of years ago stay with you? Well, we had dinner at the Olive Garden here in Cleveland and I noticed that they have a new dessert on the menu called Zeppolies. Ahhhh. Such memories. When I lived in the New York area I always attended the San Gennaro festival that was being held anywhere in the immediate area. Why? Well for the great Italian street food! Sausage and Pepper sandwiches, Pizza, Calimari and of course Zeppolies. These are little "half-finger" sized pinched off (donut) dough that are deep fried, quickly drained and then dumped into a brown paper bag, sprinkled with powdered sugar and eaten while they are still hot. Oh my! The taste is one that stays with you for a long time.

Anyway, Olive Garden now has Zeppolies so of course, I had to order them even though I was already stuffed. Chuck was happy to share them with me (after I told him the above story...he is so cautious with new food (?) ) While they were a LOT bigger than they should have been the taste was the same and I was in heaven. Oh I should add that Olive Garden has added something to the dish...warm melted chocolate for dipping. While you may think this is good; I didn't care for it. Our waiter, Cory, added his own little touch...raspberry sauce. NOW THAT was spectacular! Oh my...Oh my. you absolutely MUST TRY THIS!!

Please forgive the picture of only one and a quarter of the six that they actually served us....I was lost in nirvana before I realized that I forgot to take a picture.

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