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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hot Texas Weiners

That's all I have to say for anyone who knows about these things. They are just a little bit of heaven right here in Bergen-Passiac county New Jersey. I have been dreaming about having one of these practically since I left; now that I am here for a few days, I am going to savor (probably my last) these bad boys!

They are skinny hot dogs (likely sabretts) which are deep fried for a very short time, placed on a hot dog bun (which MUST be too short for the dog) slathered in deli mustard, sprinkled with very finely chopped onions and then topped with a secret sauce. The sauce looks like chili sauce without the beans but the flavor is totally different.

Here is how they look fresh out of the fryer. No this is not all MY lunch I shared it with Chuck.

If you want to see heaven on someones face...here it is:

Most of the original places that sold these dogs back in the fifties are now history. But I found one still open and doing a very brisk business, although I have to wonder why anyone would buy a cheeseburger when there are dogs to be had...

It is the Hot Grill and is located on Lawrence Avenue (Just across from the park) and right off of route 21 in Clifton, New Jersey .

Go there, you won't be sorry!

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