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Monday, August 24, 2009

Food at the Wedding

Drats...I just remembered that I did NOT take any photos of the cocktail hour...the variety of food served there was beyond belief! I tried a little of a lot of it and thought I better sit down and coast or I will not be able to eat the dinner. So I was sitting there being really, really good and a server walked by and offered me a lamb chop! Imagine it a lamb chop during the appetizer hour...well you know I could not refuse. It would have been so RUDE!!!

Warm Brie in crouette with mixed greens...yum

Filet Mignon and special crisped potatoes and string beans done perfectly

Raspberry sherbet in a chocolate tulip cup, mixed fruit tart and vanilla bean cheesecake
A beautiful wedding cake...yellow and chocolate cake was delicious.

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Goldenrod said...

My goodness, Whale! This was a feast and a half, wasn't it? Hope you've recovered a touch from all that over-eating and have been cycling like crazy to take some of the extra ounces off!!