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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shawnee Inn, The Poconos Pennsylvania

We are enjoying our active outdoor Elderhostel program here at the Shawnee Inn in the Poconos. The hotel is actually a Resort and is well maintained and run. The comfort of the guest is taken very seriously here...I am SO pampered! Yesterday during a break in the program I had a facial and it was wonderful..I look and feel so much better now. After the facial I went to a programmed yoga class and then felt very limber and exhilarated, then it was on to a golf course and garden show...in a golf cart! What fun. Here are some pictures of the route we took...

A fellow hosteler sharing the golf cart with me...this is the first "self" portrait I have taken with my I-Phone..haven't quite gotten the technique down yet
a caravan of 16 carts going over the removable bridge to the main part of the golf course, which is located on an island in the Delaware River. They take the bridge down every year to mark the end of golf season and replace it in April the following year. Really it is so it does not get washed away when the river rises!

This is a greens sod farm...they use this to replace the grass lost when they "re-place the holes" on the greens of the course. That is Wanda looking at the cut-outs used to patch holes on the course.

It wasn't all old people on this trip...she was not too interested in the tour but seemed to like the cart very much!

The Inn also grows a lot of its own vegetables and herbs...here are so elderhostelers looking at the deer protected garden located on the island just near the sod farm.

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