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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Andiamos, Haworth, New Jersey

Friday night I got together with some old friends here in New Jersey. Whenever I am with these two people I always have a great time. Since I am only here for a couple of days, I have to stuff a lot of living into them.

We had dinner at Andiamos, an Italian restaurant in Haworth, Bergen County (previously it was Petrillos--a cozy place whose ceiling was covered with hanging straw covered Chianti bottles)The servings are huge but tasty and a bit pricey for my budget. This is the ONLY place I know that charges for a refill of soda...but hey, it's New Jersey!

Here are the shots of the fun and food. Worth every penny!

Shell fish combination with pasta

Veal Parmagiana and pasta

This was the real treat....Lydia and June! Thanks for coming ladies. We will have to do it again sometime soon!

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