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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Clarion Little Toby Trail, Brockway, Pennsylvania

Before we started the Elderhostel program in Shawnee, we took a quick 20 miler on the Clarion Little Toby bike trail starting in Brockway, Pennsylvania. What a nice trail mostly wooded and along a stream most of the way. There is a swinging bridge and several places to stop and take a hike, if one is so inclined. Here are some shots I got with my IPhone...

A fellow biker decided to take this hike, he just left his bike right here alongside the trail...I saw him 15 miles later when he needed some air for his tire...how did he know I had an air pump? I was changing a flat on my bike.

Here we are at the swinging bridge. Chuck got in front of me and was snapping his own photos...I made do with what I could see in front of me ;-)

See here...? Do you see this little hitchhiker? there is a ladybug sitting there on my handle bar happy as can be..and why not?

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