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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Farmer's Market , Clermont, Florida

We biked the Lake Minneola Scenic Trail which runs through several towns; Minneola and Clermont to name two. It was hilly for a Florida bike trail but very enjoyable nevertheless. We stumbled upon the every Sunday Farmer's Market and when we finished the ride, drove over to Clermont to check it out.

This is quite a nice market because it has great veggies and fruits but also lots of other good stuff as well.

Here is a German fellow cooking up some candied almonds. The aromas that came from the pot were fantastic, but alas, he said it would take half an hour before they were ready to eat. We didn't want to wait that long and so pressed on.

At another table there were model log cabin type houses, complete with roofs that open and also furnished with log furniture. The man who made them had quite a sense of humor; he said if his picture was in the shot I took...I owed him $5.00. I told him I would blog about his wares and that would pay for it. Sadly, I did not get his name; the stuff was really nice!

So if you are not looking for fruits and veggies, maybe some nice flowers would fit the bill...

maybe some fresh seafood is what you had in mind. They had it here and it was very fresh and good looking.

All in all a really great market.

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