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Monday, February 9, 2009

Cruisin' days 4 through 6

We left Cozumel, Mexico and sailed toward Grand Cayman Island. We had to go to a more protected side of the island, since the weather was not cooperating, to board a tender and take a short ride to shore. Needless to say our power snorkeling and kayaking tour was cancelled due to the size of the waves. We replaced that tour with a horseback riding tour along the beach. While the ride was nice it was hardly worth the price charged. We spent more time getting to the beach than riding the horses and so we were a little disappointed.

But the stroll through the capital, Georgetown was nice. We got several nice shots of the waves crashing on the sea wall, had lunch in a small cafe and picked up some souvenirs. All in all the visit was nice.

That night our waiters gave us a little puzzle to solve. He took five toothpicks and broke them in half and placed them on a dish. Our mission was to make a five point star out of it without touching it.

All that was needed was a couple of drops of water and some time for the wood to absorb the water, thereby moving the toothpicks ever so slightly to create the five point start right before our eyes!

The following day we were in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Here was the tour that we had both been waiting for...zip lining over the canopy in the jungle of Jamaica. This was by far the most fun thing we did on the entire trip. The guides were spectacular; with safety first always we never felt unsure of anything that we were doing.

Their personalities were always up and full of joking antics, we all had a ball. I would recommend this tour to anyone! It really was great! Chuck was sorry when it ended all too soon....

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