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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Our long awaited cruise to Cozumel, Grand Caymen and Jamaica finally came. We left on Saturday morning from Fayetteville, Arkansas and drove to Texas City, Texas (just a little past Houston and before Galveston) for our overnight stay and then on to Sunday Departure from the Port of Galveston, Texas. We were just about an hour and a half away from home when I realized that I remembered to take my laptop and forgot to unplug the charger cord and put it in the travelling case. So after hyperventilating about it for a while, I figured I would just do without it; use up the battery and wait until I got back home to do any significant computer work. Then I remembered that the lady who is watching the house, bird and cat might be able to send it to me via our friend Greg in Orlando, Florida. I had the solution plan in place before we boarded and knew that I could back in the tech world a week after the cruise (which was pretty fantastic given the logistics!)

The only problem is, once I've been away from blogging for a while, it takes a little effort to get back into it again...so I have been quite lazy over the two weeks (three!!!) that I have been away and will now try to recollect the high points for you...

First, I have to say the reunion with my power cord bordered on an emotional event! It felt so good to be able to use my PC again that I didn't think anything could make me cranky. Until, it took FOR.....EVER to boot up (compared to Chuck's Mac)well anyway, that's over now and I must get back to what I've been up to.

Sunday Morning, the day of the cruise, we met with a lady that we have been communicating with for about a year as a fellow Blogger...Goldenrod. She comes from the Houston area and was kind enough to join us for breakfast at a local eatery named Kelleys. The food was delicious, abundant

and we could stay as long as we liked without getting that feeling that we must leave and make way for other customers. We had a great time sharing stories and laughs. One in particular was the story of Prinderella. Goldenrod has a voice-mail version of it on her phone (courtesy of her daughter) and we both listened to it. The secret is in the proper telling of the story, of course interchanging the nearby consonants with each other to create nonsense words.

Anyway, there were plenty of napkins to dry the laughter tears that were streaming down my face. The hour and a half seemed to go by in a flash and we found ourselves checking in for the cruise in no time.

The ship was much bigger than I had pictured and while our stateroom was larger than I expected...it did not take long before I was looking for just a tad more space. In that case one must get out and about...there are so many places to go on a ship that you can never really feel confined. After we did a quick tour of the ship, we played a round of miniature golf...Chuck knocked my socks off, so I did not challenge him to another game.

When dinner time arrived I saw the table setting with all the utensils and I knew I would have a problem with weight gain this week

This is a shot of the first dinner so it looks like my first impression was correct

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