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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cirque du Soliel -- Orlando

This acrobatic performance was also a part of our Behind the Scenes at Disney program. Actually, we went to the show first and the following day went behind the scenes to see the stage structuring, costumes, and make up tables.

Again, we were not allowed to take any pictures. During the show was a demonstration of Chinese Diablos by a group of young Chinese girls. They were absolutely phenomenal with them.

After our tour, they let us try our hand at them and it was at that point I realized just how talented those young ladies were. Chuck tries it with a little wrist and hip action...not ready for the big top just yet though!

The show is performed by the worlds' best acrobats; 40 different languages are spoken here.

Some of the highlights of the show included silk flying - a gymnast barely wraps long silk-like material around his wrists and seemingly floats several stories through the air and lands as softly as a butterfly on the stage.

BMX Bike acrobatics that had me on the edge of my seat several times. There was a cute little bike also, no longer than 20 inches nor higher than 18 inches, that was ridden across the stage and around the BMX's that was added as a comic element.

High wire acts and trapeze antics along with trampoline action second to none. All just amazing and performed to live music and song.

The Canadian fellow that developed this (and other shows across the country)has done a remarkable job.

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