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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Disney's Animal Kingdom - - Behnd the Scenes

We started our tour in one of the teaching facilities; one of the rooms was muraled with hundreds of animals. Our guide said there were at least 40 "hidden Mickeys" in it. That of course forced us all to go looking for a few minutes. Here in the ostrich head...eye...you will see a hidden Mickey (you may want to double click to see it better)
Perhaps a bit more obvious is here on the wings of the butterfly below... a hidden mickey in each wing where it joins the body.

In the back of the building is the animal care facility; that particular day was the annual checkup for the white tiger. He was already sedated and the aides were holding it down so blood could be drawn, vital statistics taken and teeth cleaned. It is truly amazing how much care each animal gets here at Disney.

Our guide, Anita getting ready to begin our safari tour.

Some f the animals that we saw on the safari. This park is designed in such a way that no bars are needed. The animals indeed run free and are kept away from the people by moats, gorges and other natural landscaping.

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