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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Cruisin' between Ports

This is what cruisin' is all about; relaxing and enjoying where you are and what you are doing...

They have a variety of activities for those who can't find ways to busy themselves. Here children are learning how to scuba.

Here they put on a demonstration for us on ice carving. They start with a large block of ice...

After just a few moments the shape becomes apparent

And here is the final product. He completed this work in less than ten minutes!

For the more cultured among us there is the art auction...

Then if you grow tired of the "same old dining room food" you can go to one of the special restaurants, in this case, Portifino's
They start you off with a little mezza tray ( olive timpanade, roasted red peppers diced and roasted garlic mash) for the basket of bread varieties that they provide

You have to get salad...it is likely the only healthy thing in the entire meal...

Ah...seafood appetizer; who could want for more? I opted for the calamari

Chuck was a little more adventurous
The table next to us ordered the tower of seafood on a skewer..I just had to get a picture of it.

I ordered the veal Marsala; it is one of my most favorite meals. I get it very seldom.

and then...there is dessert! This actually is not it...it is a dessert teaser. They bring chocolate dipped strawberries and delightful little petite four type cakes. It is only the beginning...

Here is my dessert. Beauty for the eye and the mouth. I was really too full to eat it...but I managed some how!

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Scott said...

I had the seafood skewer when we ate at Portofino's on our cruise in November of 2007. I forgot to get a picture of it, but it was delicious!