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Friday, January 30, 2009

Aunt Fannie's, Ocala, Florida

Well you all know how addicted I am to food and when I find something out of the ordinary, I just have to write about it. Such is the case for Aunt Fannie's. It is located on Route 441 right in the middle of Ocala, Florida. We stopped by for breakfast this morning on our way from Gainesville to Ocala...home of the Santos Mountain Biking Trail (that we drive miles out of our way to ride when we are anywhere in northern Florida). This is an older mom and pop NJ type diner. They give you plenty of good food, endless coffee and many smiles...for very little cost (when compared to any standard fast food joint). Just in case you are blowing through town in the middle of the night, they are open twenty-four hours.

So for breakfast I ordered corned beef hash and eggs, it came with hash-browns and toast for a mere $5.99. Chuck got the bargain of the day. They call it 2-2-2 (two eggs, 2 bacon and 2 pancakes, all this for $ 3.99. It had me dreaming of New Jersey.

Since we are staying the night here in Ocala...well, we went there for dinner too! Oh my gosh!!! There was just too much stuff to pick from. They have a printed menu but the handwritten specials are where you should be really be looking...
They have (on Fridays) all you can eat fish. They call it AUCE. Chuck wanted to know what kind of fish AUCE was and I had to admit that I did not know. the waitress explained it later, AUCE today is Pollock, as much as you want.

Well, as luck would have it, neither of us was up for fish tonight. Chuck had pork chops and I had pot roast. Man oh man!

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