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Monday, January 26, 2009

Old Bay Steamer, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

I WAS going to blog about the cruise that I took last week...but tonights' dinner was so exceptional that I had to write about it now. We debarked yesterday mid-morning in Galveston, Texas and headed in the direction of Florida. Today we made it to Fort Walton Beach in the panhandle section of Florida. The beaches here are white and lovely. One can ride for miles and see inter coastal water on one side and ocean on the other with just a few hundred feet of beautiful sand on each side. I know that this is still the off-season, but it is a time that I really like best. I hate the crowds, so I feel like the beach and the roads are pretty much mine to enjoy at my own pace. A perfect end to the cruise we took last week.

Anyway, I searched for an affordable place to stay here for a couple of days and came up with the Emerald Coast Inn and Suites (almost directly across the street from the Old Bay Steamer restaurant). I used Orbitz and got a normally rated room of $98. for $ 55. I love a bargain! So we settled in and then scoped the neighborhood for a place to eat some seafood...that's when we stumbled on the best seafood we have had in years!

Old Bay Steamer is a restaurant that has scrupulously fresh seafood and the preparation was perfect. We had steamed lobster tails, king crab legs, Snow crab and a full pound of tiger shrimp. See the before and after pictures and you will understand what a magnificent dinner is all about.

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Goldenrod said...

Welcome back, Whale, to the blogging world! I see you got your cable!! :)