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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Way Down upon the Suwanee River

Our group paddled the Suwanee River today; in spite of cooler weather and strong breezes. I understand now the meaning of the words to the song that is the state song of Florida: "The Old Folks at Home".

There is a peacefulness that can be had only from being on a wide and picturesque river such as the Suwanee. The water is so dark from the tannic acid that it appeared to be black while I paddled along. I had to keep reminding myself that the river is one of the cleanest in the country despite the apparent coloring.

Did you know that Stephen Foster was never actually in the state of Florida, nor ever on the Suwanee? Did you know the song was written for a river called the PeeDee in the Carolinas…nevertheless, the depth of meaning in the lyrics transcends the geographical location and transports the listener to their own version of heaven found in the dreams and heart of each of us.

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