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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sierra Club Travlin' four rivers

We spent the week paddlin' some of the best rivers in Florida:

Lower Wekiwa, Upper Wekiwa, Econlockhatchee and the Blue Springs State Park.

On the one day it rained we went to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. We drove/walked the loop around the lake and stopped at the visitors center (which has its own little preserve)!

Friday we went to Blue Springs State Park and saw bunches of Manatees then paddled over to Hontoon Island, via the St Johns River.

Our guide, Greg Pflug was the best (as always!) Showing us stuff we likely would have missed had he not been leading us...and the food was spectacular! It always amazes me that I can eat so much on these trips and not gain weight! Well, whatever...it's a gift that I truly appreciate!

Here are some shots of the weeks' activities:

Lunch on Merritt Island
Getting the kayaks to the river

A group picture on our last paddle...two of the group ducked out for a short hike.
The lodge at Big Oaks Lodge where we stayed all week and enjoyed the best food ever! Several meals were cooked over log fires others made in the kitchen the "old fashioned way" with the range.
We had a couple of group members who stayed off the river one day...here is how they stored those kayaks that weren't used...
We picked a great spot for lunch! nice beach and totally alone!
A short hike after lunch in the woods
Butterfly on Merritt Island

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