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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gainesville - Hawthorne Trail

Today we drove to the trailhead of a Rails-to-Trails biking trail that starts in Gainesville and continues to Hawthorne...16 miles one way.

We did not do the entire thing, but did manage 21.4 miles, respectable distance for two old foggies trying to get back in shape after 'gold-brickin' for the last six weeks.

I tried multi-tasking today...riding my bike and taking a picture of Chuck. the first couple did not look so good, but I finally got a good one. Persistance is key to success!

We finished around 1:30 and went looking for a place for lunch. We thought we would just hit the food court at the local mall, since I wanted to get some new shorts but...after we parked the van I looked to the right and spotted a Boston Market (a place Chuck has been fantasizing about for the last year) so since there are none nearby where he lives, we went there for lunch. Mmmumm good he had meatloaf and I had a chicken pot pie, both delicious lots of veggie sides and nice little cornbread loaves for each of us. It was heaven...It started raining right after we entered the restaurant!

So it looks as though our timing was perfect again!

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