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Sunday, February 3, 2008

First Elvis Sighting and more Memphis, TN

We began our sojourn today and caught Memphis and Beale St. before we even checked in to our hotel.
So here is our welcome to Memphis, the first Elvis sighting and several pics from Beale Street.
Here is the welcome EGG at the Memphis visitors center
Elvis gets a special room... As does B B King
I thought some of the eating and drinking establishments deserved to be memorialized, further explanations should not be needed.

Tomorrow Graceland.

But for now we are heading out to Marlowes for what promises to be the best ribs in town. I will let you know.

They actually deliver. But as you can see they don't use just any ond car. THEY use a pink cadillac...how cool is that?
Here is the full slab of ribs that Chuck ordered, I hd to good sense to stick with a half slab..I'm stuffed beyond belief!

Ok, I'm back and the Ribs were the BEST! I am so glad I was willing to take a chance on a name that was unknown to me...the ribs were fantastic...meaty, moist and the sauce was perfect! The pictures do not do them justice.

Then the SUPERBOWL! So much stuff, so little time.

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