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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Looking back and forward...

We are in Gainesville, Florida; a comfy 66 degrees. Looking back on the week, we got out of the Memphis area just in time to avoid some serious tornadoes and nasty storms.
Here things are the best, warms temps, light breezes and practically no rain in sight.
We decided to stay another day here to take advantage of the bike trails around the University of Florida and surrounding area. I will definitely bring my camera today. Yesterday I got lazy and only brought water with me...thankfully! I forgot how quickly one dehydrates in this weather and needed it badly.
I also was able to experience my first flat tire! Well, fortunately I did not get it while we were on the trail. I noticed some gold colored stubby garland material stuff on my front tire and when I stopped to look at it, all that was left was a Phillips head of a screw or nail. I went to pull it out and Chuck said, don't...wait till we get back to the van.
Good thing too...when we removed it there was this l-o-n-g h-i-s-s-s-s-s...and then it was flat. Had a spare tube in my kit, so we fixed it after dinner and today we are literally ready to roll again.
Guess I better get another tube...just in case. We are planning a lot of miles on this trip! And it has only just begun.

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