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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sharing my Breakfast

KC was in a strange mood today...he decided to help me eat breakfast. This is something he has not done since he was just a baby. Sure was nice to go back and relive those moments one more time!

You will notice that there is apiece of egg there on the toast dish for him to eat. It is something that WOULD be very good for him to have since I find it very hard to find any protein that he will eat. He totally ignores it.

Oh, by the way...I learned that this breakfast of hash and eggs contains enough cholesterol to last for about three weeks. This is my last one.


Chuck said...

Did KC "season" the meal with any of his usual droppings?

Goldenrod said...

Eewww, Chuck!

Are you worried about your cholesterol, Whale? I would think, with all of the physical exercise that you guys get, that you would be in pretty good shape there!

Great pix, by the way!!