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Monday, July 6, 2009

Lunch at Thep Thai Restaurant, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Today was a really special day for me. This is because I was going to have lunch with two women that I recently met at a Women's Retreat held in Eureka Springs hosted by Peggy Hill. Please go to this link to find out more about the wonderful retreat and others that may be held in the future.

Anyway, back to lunch. I was to meet with Sue and Luella at this Thai restaurant; it was rumored to have pretty good food so I thought it would be terrific to be with some nice people and have delicious food...what more could one ask for?

Fortunately, when we set the date up last week, I googled the restaurant and noted that it was on the corner of 15th street and School street. I knew in my mind exactly where that was, but just in case I wrote down all the information, name address, telephone number on a piece of paper; in case I ran into trouble. This morning I found myself running from store to store getting a few last minute supplies for my upcoming (first) week long back-pack trip to Sleeping Bear National Park in Michigan...Pack Rat, Ozark Foods etc. anyway the timing seemed to be perfect. I had 10 minutes to get to the restaurant for our appointed meeting time and I was leaving Ozark Natural Foods Co-op. No problem.

Uh...uh I noticed that I left the paper home with all the restaurant information on it; as well as Sue's telephone number....hummnn this could be trouble. Fear not, I drove on and as I approached the corner of 15th and School, I saw no restaurant. Now it's trouble. I saw a gas station, I saw a wood building with a nice garden in front (no sign). I kept going. No restaurant. Well, there were other restaurants, but not the one I was looking for. As I approached a Tyson facility I decided to turn around and approach from the other side.

Still, no restaurant (and now it is getting late) so I thought I would just pull into the parking lot of the wood building and ask someone where the Thai restaurant was. But my fears were pretty much put aside when I noticed an Asian looking man in the parking lot. I suspected that this may very well be the place.

Indeed it was. The people greeted me with great enthusiasm and showed me to a table for three. I was the first one there. In only moments, Luella arrived and let me know that the table was much too small, we were going to have Peggy, her mom and husband John Two-Hawks as well! Wow, I was so excited, here we get the chance to have another nice visit, before I make my way back to the Chicago area. The visit was great but I would be remiss if I did not tell you how great the food was too!
Here are some of the table shots and individual dishes as well:

Here is Luella with the Owner (I did not get his name) He was very proud of the Thai flag in the background and the tiger tooth necklace that he was wearing..No, the animal did not have to die specifically for him to get the tooth...it died of natural old age causes and he became the proud recipient of it. It was really very nice.

This is most of the group that attended the women's retreat starting left to right: Peggy, Carley, Luella, John Two-Hawks, Restaurant person, and Sue.
This was my lunch. Also known as L4 which is stir fried chicken with ginger, lots of veggies and rice and a little spring roll. It was delicious and only $ 6.95.

These are some of the appetizers that were ordered for the table: dumplings crab rangoon spring rolls and others.

All around the perimeter of the restaurant, the owner has planted herbs and veggies that is used in the freshly prepared dishes that are served: thai basil, garlic, peppers, eggplants, squash and more. I'll bet a lot of people never noticed this when they go there.

I told the owner he should have a sign outside with the name of the restaurant. He said in time he will, but first he wanted to get everything on the inside set up the way he visions it. Tables are on order from India and he motioned that there are plans for the kitchen area etc. I thought a sign now might be really good. But now I am thinking maybe not. I mean if everyone finds out about this place it will be too busy for me to get a decent lunch in the future...

It was truly a heartwarming experience to see the hospitality and happiness of everyone who works there. Yes, I hope they are very successful.

here's the pertinent information:

Thep Thai Restaurant
1525 South School Street
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

479 443 0029

hours: mon-thurs 11 am to 9 pm
fri -sat 11 am to 9:30pm


Chuck said...

Take me, please!

Goldenrod said...

I've always heard that Thai food is very hot. Did you find it so? Looks delicious, and the prices are certainly right. I hope, if he does put a sign up, that it's made of wood.

Sounds like you had a great time at that retreat, as well. I DID click on the link ... very interesting.

Have fun backpacking! Two of my bridge students are leaving Friday to go backpacking in the mountains near Durango, Colorado. They can't wait!!