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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pictured Rocks Cruise - Munising, Michigan

After our week long backpacking trip we headed north to complete the circle around Michigan and through Wisconsin toward Illinois. Along the way we stopped in Munising, Michigan to see the falls

and to take the Pictured Rocks cruise.

If you double click, you can enlarge the photos...the above shows a tree on an outcropping and the only way it lives (according to our guide) is by the root that has linked to the shore on the left...don't ask me how it made its way over there through the air, it's a mystery!

We backed into this narrow fiord-like shape surrounded by rocks on both sides was a bit scary; maybe Chuck has made a video of this trip...go visit his blog

This was the only passable rocks picture that I got.

The cruise was great but as always since we were moving and I guess my grasp is not as steady as it once was, most of my pictures were not worthy of posting. Suffice to say if you are in the area, stop by for this one. I would suggest to just enjoy the views; pictures or cd's can be purchased at the end of the trip and will likely be better than what you can take. Somehow photos just don't grab the full intensity of the view, in my opinion.

Anyway here are a few shots that made the cut and I managed to get some pretty good ones of a "feeding the gulls ritual" that takes place on every cruise. Enjoy! Double click the photos to get a better view...

1 comment:

Goldenrod said...

I'm really glad you said, "Photos just don't grab the full intensity of the view." That is especially true of this area, I think.

It's where I grew up, but to try and show it in pictures?? It would probably take a several hundred thousand dollar-type documentary, and even still it might fall short (imo).

Am SO glad that Chuck and you have been able to share - together- a truly wondrous part of the world ... ... one I know (or knew at one time) well.

Great post, Whale!