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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Sunday, we departed the Jacksonville-St Augustine Area of Florida and headed for the Golden Isles of Georgia. We stayed in Brunswick (on the mainland) the cost of a motel room is vastly different here compared to either of the two barrier islands that we spent the next two days visiting. Anyway, always looking to save a little without giving up a lot, so this was pretty easy. We stayed at a Super 8, right next to a great seafood restaurant: Captain Joe’s. We had dinner there one night and the grouper was perfect and very reasonably priced, Chuck had salmon which was ok, but he probably would have enjoyed a local fish more.
We spent the afternoon cycling the entire Jekyl Island for a total of 21 miles. The trails included just about everything one could imagine: paved beachfront, sidewalk, asphalt and some mountain biking trails through the nature center sections of the island. It was all very easy since there were no hills and we saw things that you would likely see no where else. For example, they have these ‘made over’ golf carts that one can rent for cruising around the island; not as fast as a car better than a bike and a whole bunch of fun. Obviously for the well-heeled, since the rental facility was located right in front of the islands’ airport…see the plane in the background?

We rewarded ourselves with a fresh bag of Cheetos after completing the 20 plus miles in magnificent weather…as if we NEEDED a reward!

We found some idyllic beaches, rode through the nature habitat area and the historic sections.

I was intrigued with the suspension bridge that connects the island with the mainland…this must be the new version of suspension bridges since it has very little resemblance to the one that I am most familiar with: the George Washington Bridge into New York City. Here are a couple of interesting shots of it.

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