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Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Position

I have recently been appointed as Treasurer of a local non profit organization. This is not a first for me. It seems as soon as you let people know that you have an accounting background an organization will sniff you out, ply you with compliments and before you know it....WHAM...you are knee deep in debits and credits. It's OK. I actually like doing it.

I have been away from this sort of thing for a few years and I was pleased to receive not only the responsibility but some great software! In my absence from the accounting world, Quickbooks has developed a downright usable piece of software for non profits. The detail requirements far exceed anything you may see in regular accounting. This software makes it, I dare say, EASY!

They have a series of videos that introduce the modules and after spending a mere 30 minutes or so, I am right back on top of things.

So here I am, feeling good....doing good!

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