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Monday, January 31, 2011

All's Well that Ends Well

I have had my last eye exam since both cataracts have been removed. The good news is that with glasses I can see 20/20; the bad news is I still need glasses. It is more than a disappointment for me and it will take a while for me to accept it. I really thought I would be glasses free. ok, moving on.

I tried going to eyebuydirect.com again, but I had a little trouble with the size of the lens I got last time and one of the pair had such long temple arms that they could not be adjusted for me. So I thought I would call them and get it closer to right this time. All the lines are busy, leave your name and message and your call will be returned in the order it was received. Ok I did that....I still have not heard from them, hours later.

Then I thought I had it all figured out, so decided to order on line...the very best I could do with express delivery is ten business days. Well, I need them sooner than that. So on to plan B; try the local eye mart that opened here in the last year.

What I thought was going to be a $50 or pair of glasses costs $141. and NO you can't have them in an hour. Maybe by noon tomorrow. Good enough, I want them in the next couple of days, so this works.

I was a little sad when I left the store and it is all cold and drizzly out...and then it hit me! Someone told me there is a REALLY GOOD sandwich shop right here in this little strip mall. I went investigating and sure enough, there it was.

I walked in, not expecting much, even though the name of the place is Jason's Deli. Well, excuse me, I am from the New York area and you just don't use the name Deli unless you 'got' pastrami and maybe a little corned beef. So here we are on the verge of 6 inches of snow (that is a LOT for here) and the place is almost empty. But I pressed on, I see a take out menu so I decided to review it before I actually got into the place. Hum, all the usual bland stuff roast beef, turkey, chicken salad, tuna salad but nothing there is catching my eye. Then I saw it, in it's own little section of the menu Pastrami and next, Corned Beef. OK, I'm in Let's give this a try.

I decided that it would be best if I took this home instead of running the risk of getting sleeted in, so I went to the take-out section and ordered: Pastrami on rye with mustard...walkin'. He understood it all, but HAD to ask if I wanted it on toast...no. Very quickly the wrapped sandwich appeared on a tray and then it along with a pickle and bag of chips were packaged and handed over. I was enjoying the aroma all the way home and as soon as I got my coat off, unwrapped that puppy and took a look at what an Arkansas Deli calls a pastrami sandwich...

Oh my gosh!!! for a minute I thought I was back in New Jersey at a local Jewish Deli. Oh, I couldn't help myself; I took a big bite and savored all the flavors. Man that was a good sandwich. And if you don't think for a minute it took all my will power not to gobble the whole thing down before I got a picture, well, you are mistaken.

So, I find out this is a central-southern chain...if you find yourself in the south near a Jason's Deli, go there, I doubt that you will be disappointed.
This one is located at:
745 E Joyce Boulevard, Fayetteville, Arkansas

They deliver as well. Just in case you wanted to know. Call them at 479-442-5500.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love the way you turned stuff around from eyeglasses to sandwiches!