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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slaughter Pen Mountain Biking Trail, Bentonville, Arkansas

It is hard for me to believe that I had to find out about this place by watching a show on the local PBS station entitled "Exploring Arkansas" but it is true. The reason it is so hard for me to believe is that I have been searching online for mountain biking trails around here since I moved here and I always come up with very little. Anyway, I found out about it and decided to go and take a look. Some of the stuff they had on the program was too much for me to even consider; like these elevated narrow wood bridges. I guess one ties to sharpen their technical skills by riding about a foot and a half above ground on a six inch narrow wooden surface. I was hoping that there would be ways to side-step these and just stay on the ground...well apparently, people got hurt on them because all that remained of those structures were the pilings...no raised surfaces remained for riding. Just as well as far as I'm concerned.

So the place is located just off the exit 93 of 540, head towards Bentonville and in about a half mile you will come to the trail head. Lots of parking is provided in a paved lot, restroom facilities are provided and there is a doggie park. Not just any doggie park. They have it split into three distinct areas, for small, medium and large dogs. Very nice!

I thought the Razorback fire hydrant was and especially nice touch!

Anyway, they have a concrete multi-use trail that runs some 2.5 miles from the trail head into the park. This leads you to the mountain biking trails; which are located about a half mile in, off the concrete path. Here is one of the easy trails. It runs along the concrete trail for some distance, but just a few feet away are other trails that promise a bit more challenge..

The Armadillo's Last Stand trail seems to go straight up, but not for too long, I think I could do it if I warmed up on one of the other trails first.
There is a nice stream that flows on the other side of the concrete trail and this blue butterfly caught my eye. Double click and you'll see there is a nice balance of stream, leaves and butterfly!
They provided some curves and moguls for practicing on, as well as some more intricate bike skills that I would never try...but it is here for the taking.
I have to admit that I have not yet ridden these trails; I only walked them on my first visit. I have learned that I should check things out before I decide to actually use a trail that I have not been to yet. So next week, when I find myself in Bentonville doing some volunteer work, I will bring my bike and see just how enjoyable this place is. Stay tuned!

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