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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hawkin' Lunch

So there I was, making lunch again and when I looked out the window this time I saw a huge bird on the lawn. It looked like he was having his lunch (turns out he was!) and because of that he was not going anywhere until he was done. If you double click the photo, you will see that he has something bloody in his mouth and there is a multitude of feathers all around his feet.

Then, I think to add insult to injury, he went over by the fig trees (where the sparrows sit among the branches) and was looking for seconds...

I managed to interfere with his plans a little. He flew up to the fence and waited for me to leave. I went inside, then came out again and slammed the door. That was enough for him to fly off. But not without circling the yard one full time before leaving for good.

Don't know what kind of hawk it was, but he sure was a big one!
I have done some research and discovered that this is a juvenile Coopers Hawk. If he is a juvenile, he is going to one big bird some day soon!

1 comment:

mouse (aka kimy) said...

i love when resident hawks come to lunch in my back yard! especially when they nab a pigeon (opposed to one of the songbirds)! and the ones that come most are coopers! how about that!!

at times it is eat or be eaten, eh?