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Saturday, August 14, 2010


I made myself a hot-dog for lunch today and set it down on the table while I prepared a cool glass of ice water. When I sat down at the table, Woody (my bird) flew to my shoulder so he could get some of the bun. I let him do this because he is a little underweight and whatever he feels driven to eat is ok with me..as long as he eats.
So I held the bun and let him munch; I looked out the window at the feeder that I have hanging just under the eaves and saw a sparrow.

That is not unusual, but this sparrow was hanging upside-down and flapping wildly. I could see something was dreadfully wrong. I dropped the dog, put the bird on the table and ran outside. I could see his foot was caught on something and he was in a kind of shock. I walked up to him and laid him in my open hand...on his back, and proceeded to try to dislodge his foot. It seemed to be caught in the adjustable perch. So I wiggled it a little but nothing; the bird is now very calm. But I am starting to panic. I tried rotating it just a bit and that seemed to do the trick. The bird knew before I did that it was free. He flew to the fig trees in the corner of the yard in an instant.

Wow, glad I was right there, right then with just the stuff to save that little guy.

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