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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More from the Buffalo river

Well, as I reviewed the post from the river trip, I see I focused mainly on the wildlife. There is a bunch more to show from that trip so I thought I'd do another post and include some of it as well.

Like this really serene view from the front of the canoe; you ONLY get this view if you are the first of your group in the water and the weather cooperates. All in all very much worth the effort!
Here is a shot of the many, many bluffs to be seen along the river. Doesn't matter where you put in or take out..if you do any part of the river you WILL see gorgeous bluffs

The view from the front is the best, as far as I'm concerned

Here we are having lunch on the river; just an informal affair enjoyed by each in their own way.

A special breakfast hash, made by our able guide Graham.

And whatever you do...don't forget dessert!

We made it to Gilbert and got out to get some supplies. This store is very much like a general store from the turn of the century. They had pretty much everything we needed as well as Good Humor frozen eclairs! Man o Man...that was good after a few days of paddling.

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Nancy said...

This canoe trip looked amazing. What beautiful scenery. I also watched the video on the hummingbirds. Unbelievable! Who knew they were such tough little birds? I'm going to show this video to my mother-in-law next time I see her. She loves them. Thanks for sharing.