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Friday, May 28, 2010

Arkansas Flag

I have been asked several times about the Arkansas flag. What do all the stars mean; what's with the diamond. Ok, I decided that I should remain ignorant no longer. I checked it out on Wikipedia and here is the short and official story on the Arkansas flag; I think it is quite interesting

The flag's elements have a complex symbolism. According to the 1987 state law defining the flag,[1] the diamond represents Arkansas' status as "the only diamond-bearing state in the Union". (Crater of Diamonds State Park was the only diamond mine in North America at the time, before more recent discoveries in Colorado and Montana.) The number (25) of white stars around the border of the diamond represents Arkansas's position as the 25th state to join the union. The blue star above "ARKANSAS" represents the Confederate States of America, which Arkansas joined in secession.

The three stars below "ARKANSAS" have three separate meanings[2]:

  • The three nations to which Arkansas has belonged (Spain, France, and the U.S.)
  • The Louisiana Purchase, which brought Arkansas into the U.S., was signed in 1803.
  • Arkansas was the third state (after Louisiana and Missouri) formed from the Louisiana Purchase.

So now we all know!

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